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AFTAID carries out a vital, near unique, role throughout the UK

Recent economic events have brought our work into sharp focus. The spiraling costs of essential services and food have the greatest impact on the eldest members of our community. Pensions are a fixed income that do not allow for 'disposable income' or 'luxuries'. In fact, without savings or other income, the oldest members of UK society are really struggling to meet even basic needs.

When prices go up steadily - let alone so sharply as has been the case recently - and income fails to grow in relative terms or even remains the same, greater numbers of our elderly, swallow their pride and ask for help.

Who else can elderly people in financial need turn to?

Clearly the obvious answer is family and Social Services. Family members often cannot (sadly on occasion, will not) help. Social Services have a great and growing demand on ever limited resources and have constraints upon the assistance they are allowed to give.

So it is not surprising that we receive approaches from family, friends and Social Service professionals asking us to help the poor folk they can't help - but would if they were able to.

What about other charities that help the elderly?

Of course we are all concerned with a group who often need many different kinds of assistance. Each charity has a particular operational statement (officially known as 'legal objects') which is recorded with The Charities Commission. Every charity must operate within their individual legal objects.

Larger, better known organisations, typically help in entirely different ways to AFTAID. Lobbying Parliament for improved social policies, producing printed guides and handbooks for instance or creating and susidising day centres and suchlike. They mostly need to employ staff to carry out these activities.

AFTAID is a relatively small charitable organisation which is near unique in offering direct financial assistance in the form of grants, often in emergency situations and covering a wide range of 'quality of life' issues which are not being addressed elsewhere. We don't have staff on a payroll.

For instance, help with winter heating comes in many forms, but if old radiators burst and an elderly couple can't pay for replacements they lose their central heating. There are no official channels to explore for direct action to replace a useless radiator. But there is AFTAID.

Our case histories on this site include situations where other charities have contacted us to provide help where their legal object won't allow them to do so. Some charities contact us to contribute with them to enable purchase of vital equipment where they cannot meet the full cost involved.

Age Concern, Suffolk Coastal Helping Hand Agency and the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA) are all mentioned in our case histories but are only a few of the other charities who call on our particular ability to help.

AFTAID responds professionally

Money is NOT given directly to anyone over pension age who applies! Applications cover all aspects of a claimants financial position, includes independant third party endorsement (doctor or health professional or Social Services etc.) and when a grant is approved, the payment is made direct to the provider of the services or goods. A beneficiary does not see the cash but gets the help needed as soon as possible, sometimes within a few days.

AFTAID is a voluntary organisation

Our Board of Trustee's only receive out of pocket expenses. We are extremely grateful for the time key volunteers give to the day to day administration, without whom we could not dedicate such a high percentage of donated income to those we are committed to help.


AFTAID stands for
It is a UK national 'no frills' registered charity

We give direct financial relief to frail elderly people in distress when they need it. We are called upon often as a last resort, to help where others cannot or will not.

AFTAID concentrates its efforts and resources directly to elderly people in the UK who, because of ineligibility or, who are only receiving partial funding through statutory or voluntary services, fall through the 'safety net'.
When their need is genuine we try to never let them down.

There are many millions of elderly people in the UK. Often living alone, some in appaling conditions for this day and age. Some are housebound, others mentally confused, infirm and neglected.

We make emergency grants for bedding, clothing, cookers, some essential repairs, alarm connections and other essential items that may make an elderly persons life more comfortable and enable them to remain in the home they have created during their lifetime.

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