On behalf of all at AFTAID, Major Brian Hudson, our Chair of Trustees has this message for everyone in the UK...

Help where it is needed most

"I don't like to make a fuss"
" I have never asked for help and don't intend to start now!"
"I'm not the only one with just a few pennies in my purse at the end of the week"

Everyone and especially our older citizens are proud of their independence - and rightly so. However, the majority of older people live on fixed incomes, often rely on the State Pension and yet prices keep rising, certainly faster than pensions.

The Commission for Social Care Inspection have reported that by 2017 the number of people over 65 (in the UK) is expected to rise by 25% and over-85's by 38%. Good news if they can afford to live comfortably and enjoy a long life. But for those 'making do' on little more than the basic state pension, faced with ever increasing living costs, life may not seem so rosy.

More and more of the elderly now find themselves struggling to make ends meet. All too often unsuccessfully.

What is to be done? Firstly they should be encouraged to take advantage of the State Benefits to which they are entitled. This can help many but even living on the basic state pension plus benefits is far from easy, particularly if an essential household appliance ceases to work.

The government is continually looking to trim its outgoings and budgets get cut. Many of the applications AFTAID receives come via Social Services and other Government supported bodies as well as Non Government Organisations - highly professional people who know we are the only hope for their 'cases'.

It seems certain therefore that with many pensioners relying on State Benefits alone and with little or no savings of their own, AFTAID will continue to receive ever more requests for assistance to meet the cost, or part cost, of items that are regarded as essential and which most of us are fortunate enough to be able to take for granted. Things that enable an elderly person to live at home, near their friends, a part of their community.

Many of our older citizens, with limited income and costs for essential items rising, dread the approaching winters - every year. Such fears grow with every price rise.

This is why AFTAID does what it can and will continue to do so.

But, if we are to reach those in need we will need your help. Not only by donations and legacies, but also by your help in ensuring that more and more people know that AFTAID is there to help support older people who fall through society's 'safety net'.

Thank you to all our supporters, past present and future, without your support none of this would be been possible. Thanks also to all the people who give so freely of their time to administrate on behalf of AFTAID, if you didn't fewer people would be helped as quickly as they need.

Major Brian M Hudson
Chair of Trustees


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