No more uphill struggles for retired sailor

We couldn't be more pleased to have been able to help 87 year old retired sailor Robert Ridley of South Hylton, West Sunderland, regain his independence by donating a mobility scooter.

A long standing member of South Hylton Working Men's Club Bob, who is now a widower and determined to maintain his independence, has suffered from poor circulation for almost 10 years. With a steep hill to climb for every visit to the social club and to do the food shopping, he was often left in unbearable pain and had to make frequent stops to rest.

Bob is one of the many men and women who saw this country through its most desperate time - the Second World War - he was just 19 when it started. Bob knew he must do something to ensure his continued mobility. Because of his service Bob contacted the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA) to see what help was available - if any.

SSAFA were willing to help and recommended AFTAID for funding support, so Bob applied to us. We wholeheartedly supported the application by contributing to the purchase of an electric scooter. Within a month, Bob was up and rolling - able to shop for himself and get along to the club he is so much a part of.

If you know of an older person like Robert, in very difficult circumstances, who may be eligable for help from AFTAID, click here to find out how to obtain the Grant Application Forms.

"I used to walk the four miles to work and back every day so when I started to have trouble just walking to my local shops and having to rely increasingly on my daughter, I knew I had to do something to regain my independence."

"The scooter has definitely changed my life. The climb to the club is no longer a daunting prospect and I'm grateful that I can get on with the things I like and need to do much more freely."



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