Ann can get cooking for herself again

Ann Price of Chichester has received a grant from AFTAID for a new cooker, to ensure she can get cooking again. Ann, 65, suffers from arthritis and has mobility problems so being able to look after herself and to eat proper meals is vital.

Ann had been 'making do' for a number of years with her old cooker, which only had two rings working.

Sadly Ann's 'making do' is not unique. She is in a similar position to too many of our UK citizens who find that living on the basic state pension means that there is no spare cash available to purchase the items that most of us take for granted.

Fortunately for Ann her plight was brought to our attention and as a result, a grant was quickly approved. Within days her new cooker was delivered and working. This has helped ensure her independence and she can now enjoy cooking her own full meals again.

Anne said she felt very lucky when Charity Trustee Brian Hudson met her and was able to see at first hand how AFTAID grants can make such a difference to a person's life. He remarked "This really shows that donations to AFTAID really do make a difference. There are too many people in circumstances like Ann's and our experience is that the numbers are rising. We need to reach them and we neeed to help them with those key basics most of us take for granted."

If you know of an older person like Ann, in very difficult circumstances, who may be eligable for help from AFTAID, click here to find out how to obtain the Grant Application Forms.

"On the very basic pension there is no way I was able to buy a new, or even a second hand, cooker as I have no disposable money at all."


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