Giving back mobility is an incredible gift for man, wife and four legged friend

At times it is very difficult to find the words to express how pleased we are to have been able to help. But when someone like Doug Kersey comes to our attention the story says it all. How deserving of a little help and how effective becoming mobile again is clear.

Doug, suffered an industrial injury which forced his retirement from work in 1985 - at just 53 years old. It was particularly tough on him as all his life he had been sporty, swimming and running regularly, walking his Alsatians and even clay pigeon shooting.

Later, Doug developed crippling arthritis and then suffered a stroke.

It left him relying on a Zimmer frame to get around the house and his now 63 year old wife, Valerie, to push his wheelchair when they went out. Living in a small seaside village, pushing 65 year old Doug along gravel or shingle paths was very hard work and some places impossible.

The couple were put in touch with Catherine Shum of Suffolk Coastal Helping Hand Agency and it was agreed an electric scooter was the answer. Living on basic state pensions, the couple could not afford the outlay. No central grants were currently available to cover the cost.

AFTAID stepped in, contributed 350 pounds towards the cost of an electric scooter and now Doug has been to the beach and has taken his dog Tye, out out for walks and into the garden for the first time in 14 months.

Now Doug and Valerie will try to save up for a tow bar and trailer so they can once again holiday in the Peak District.

This sort of success increases determination to raise more money to ensure we have the funds to help even more of our older citizens in times of urgent need.

If you know of an older person like Doug, in very difficult circumstances, who may be eligable for help from AFTAID, click here to find out how to obtain the Grant Application Forms.

"It has made such difference. We can now get out around the village easily."


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