AFTAID helps wire a Northumberland couple into safety

AFTAID and CISWO join forces to calm the storm

London August 2010 - "It started about a year ago - it has been a nightmare!" was how Mrs Hamilton recently described the problems that have caused her and her husband so much worry.

Following a particularly violent storm, the kitchen extension roof in the home of Ronnie Hamilton, 74 and Alison his 70 year old wife, started to leak. If this wasn't bad enough, the ceiling light was affected.

The electrician who was called to repair this advised them that the wiring which had been installed when the house was built more than 40 years ago was badly worn and as such potentially dangerous. Clearly it needed replacing as soon as possible.

Like too many people in the UK of their age group Mr and Mrs Hamilton, who both have several health problems, manage on their state pensions and a small works pensions. However this does not give them sufficient spending power for any little luxuries, let alone rewiring the house.

With only limited resources and no savings the couple did not know how they could afford these essential repairs. However Mr Hamilton who had been employed in the mining industry got in touch with CISWO - the Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation.

They at once recognised that the problem was causing undue stress for this elderly couple and that it was having a deleterious effect on their health. CISWO was unable to provide all the funds necessary to complete the work and so they approached AFTAID.

As a result and within a matter of days AFTAID was able to agree to make a contribution to the total needed. The house is now rewired and once more safe. Ronnie and Alison can once again sleep soundly at night without having to worry about dangerous wiring or leaking roofs.


If you know of any older people like Ronnie and Alison, in very difficult circumstances, who may be eligable for help from AFTAID, click here to find out how to obtain the Grant Application Forms.


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