We welcome applications from individuals, or their family and neighbours - most often we are contacted by members of the caring professions and voluntary organisations.

AFTAID consider applications for a wide variety of grant requests, there are many reasons why an older person may find themselves financially stretched beyond their means to the point of genuine distress. Emergencies are a fact of life, but for those we help a drama really is a crisis. We pride ourselves on our almost unique ability to provide grant aid swiftly where necessary.

We do have a strict but simple criteria which should not put anyone off applying, it exists to safeguard against incorrect claims and to ensure our precious donations are distributed wisely. To be able to make any grant we need to have as much information as possible and you will need written support from your Social Worker, Doctor or similar professional of the official care services.

We do receive referrals from charities who are not able to assist with aid themselves and we must stress that our simple procedure is necessary in all cases.

Basic qualification criteria

Although we endeavour to be flexible, it is expected that the following criteria be met.
The beneficiary of the grant MUST be:
- at least 65 years of age
- a UK citizen, residing in the UK
- on a low income and have zero or absolutely minimal savings
- written support from an official care or health professional

Please note we do not make grants for ongoing or retrospective payments, nor can we consider repayment of debts.

How to apply

Please make sure the beneficiary meets the above basic criteria and then click here to go to the online form which has a few details we need to be able to send the full application form to you by return email. The Grant Application Form we will send requests the fundemental information required for us to be sure the call upon our funds is appropriate. Applicants are also requested to include with their application some written support from care professionals (Doctor, Social Worker etc.) who are personally aware of the beneficiary's situation.

Once all the pertinent information has been gathered and verified, a decision is made as quickly as possible. All applicants should be aware that we have to check the information provided, to protect AFTAID and its supporters from fraudulant claims.

If you have any questions

We are happy to answer any questions you may have by email click here.



AFTAID has provided grant aid for many and varied items

Nearly anything which is required to take away hardship from the day to day life of an older person. In recent years grants have been made to provide, or help in the purchase of:

Mobility scooters
Walk-in showers
Washing machines
Rise/recliner chair
Tumble drier
Small Emergency House Repairs
Essential or Emergency House Cleaning
Central Heating Boiler
Video Intercom
Installation of phone line
TFT Magnifier
'Blind' software for PC
Wheelchair powerpack
Wheelchair access Ramp
Bath Lift


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