Green Policy

AFTAID is committed to ensuring that its operations take into account the possible impacts on the environment.

AFTAID work towards:

* Ensuring that all relevant Environmental Legislation and Regulation is applied
* Operating all aspects of the charity in an environmentally sensitive manner
* Purchasing environmentally friendly materials when appropriate
* Reducing Fossil Fuel Energy Usage
* Re-Using or Recycling when possible
* Using materials in a manner that reduces waste


AFTAID welcome all contributions toward helping relieve the distress to older people caused by being poor. If you can organise a fundraising event, no matter the size, we will be happy to offer support where we can.

Just email your plans for the event by clicking here.


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We are proud to receive
the generous support of
the British public
and recently benefit
from socially aware
companies such as:


Our vital and unique place
among chairities offering
assistance to elderly people
in the UK relies on you all.
Please give your help
to enable us to offer
continued assistance.





Privacy Policy

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