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We are so pleased to be active once again in our communications with all you lovely people

Things may not have changed a lot on the website for quite a while and it was a hard decision to not keep in touch during the worst of the economic crisis facing the UK. We have not sent an appeal letter since 2010 and not published our newsletter The Bright Side since 2012 (although the next one is being put together now).
With the economic indicators looking better we hope today, that you have weathered the storm well or at least better than expected.
For our part, AFTAID have managed to continue making vital grants to those older people who have found even greater pressures have built up within their lives and problems continue to crop up out of the blue. This has largely been possible due to past generosity of those supporters who made provision for a legacy within their Will.
It will not surprise you to learn however, that we are under greater and greater pressure from applications for grants. Applications that are painting a continuing worrysome picture of what the economic downturn has meant to the most vulnerable people in the UK. Aid applications are continuous and AFTAID needs to respond, supplying urgently needed relief.

So AFTAID are now embarking on a full update of our communications including the website, where we hope you will visit as often as possible and where donations can be made through our secure payments facilities. We continue to be grateful for your cheques and direct donations via our online donations page. We hope you can find something now to enable us to catch up with our fundraising to help such worthy folk in their hour of need.
Please rest assured that AFTAID make certain applicants are truly deserving through our own checks and with support evidence from social and/or health professionals. You can be confident your donations are being placed wisely and accurately to those with genuine need.
We cannot thank you enough and those, often desperate, elderly people who receive grants try hard to express their gratitude. Together you and AFTAID have made, and will continue to make, a real difference to their lives.
Thank you.

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Our Patron always puts a smile on for AFTAID as well as the rest of the world

The wonderful, multi-talented, seriously funny and BAFTA award winning Stanley Baxter enters his fourth year of being our Patron. Our thanks to him of course.


So many great recollections come flooding back when thinking of Stanley's long and illustrious career, here is one for you now:
Appearing on stage in panto he made his entrance "in full rig", facing the audience he said: "I call this my hand grenade dress. Pull out the pin and it's every man for himself".

Now that has got to be worth a donation!

"...overwhelming and I just cannot thank you enough for your kindness and generosity."
Miss P. (82) - West Wittering

"...very kind of you... thrilled to be able to eat proper meals again."
Mr R. (68) - Edinburgh

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What is making Freda so happy?
"It has been a Godsend!" exclaimed Freda Edgar, 72, when asked about her new Riser/Recliner chair. She lives with her husband in Prestatyn and like many of our older citizens Mrs Edgar suffers from generalised arthritis.
Her doctor recommended the purchase of a special Riser/ Recliner chair which would ensure Mrs Edgar had proper support whilst sitting and provide appropriate assistance to ensure she could stand up out of the chair safely.
Full story...

When our founder, the late Brian St. Clair Burke, realised in 1982 that there was a surprisingly large number of elderly people in desperate need and that they were falling through the "safety net" of Social Services, he decided to do whatever he could to help.
He had no idea that more than 30 years later applications to the charity he started would have increased to the level we currently receive...
Full story...
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A warm welcome to our new Trustee


We are proud to receive
the generous support of
the British public
and recently benefit
from socially aware
companies such as:


Our vital and unique place
among chairities offering
assistance to elderly people
in the UK relies on you all.
Please give your help
to enable us to offer
continued assistance.



Wynne Creasy has joined the Board of Trustees and is already making a valued contribution to our work.

Wynne retired in 2009 after a career in local government specialising in education governance. She was awarded her MBE for services to education.

Wynne is currently involved in training and consultancy with a variety of education establishments in North Kent and South London.
Her husband, three children and their families form her major interest, but when time allows, this extends to fine arts too.

Could you be an AFTAID Trustee too?
Or somebody you know?

AFTAID welcome approaches to add to the expertise and enthusiasm required to run our small charity.
If you feel you might be able to help please take a look at our special webpage. Thank you.

Spreading the message, ideas or fundraising - can you help?
Ever conscious that it is our responsibility to keep operating costs as low as possible (AFTAID have no full time staff for instance) we still have to bring our work to the attention of the wonderful British public who have supported us.
If anyone can offer some voluntary help in any capacity, please contact us to tell of the skills or ideas you have to offer. We will be most grateful but more importantly those we are able to help will be grateful.

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For those who need a different kind of help...

AFTAID strives to do all we can for those in very difficult circumstances but there are some aspects in quality of life issues we cannot help with. Thankfully we can bring those who would like a little occasional company or who do not have television but would enjoy one a little good news.
Go to our new USEFUL LINKS page, where you will find quick access to several charitable organisations who may be able to help you or your friends and acquaintances.

More info: Link to other aid organisations

Do you want to know about grants?
A number of individuals do write directly to us for help. But more elderly people in need 'make do', often being too proud to ask for help. Consequently most of the grants we make come as a result of an approach from other Charities, Social Services or Support Groups none of which are able to help as we can and do.
We can only make grant aid available to UK residents who are of pension age and on low incomes.
The process of applying is made as easy as we can.
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The new year is a great time for organising or taking part in indoor fundraising activities or events.
As the weather closes in on us people love to have somewhere to go that is warm and dry, where fun can be had and a good cause supported.
There are lots of great ideas encompassing a wide variety of indoor activities or social events that will capture the attention of friends, family, even communities.
Whatever you choose to do please make sure all the participants are safe at all times.
Take a look at our special fundraising area of the website.
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