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In some cases we at AFTAID work together with other charitable organisations to provide the maximum help available. We also get called in by charities that are not able to address a particular need where we can.

Below are brief details of some organisations who may also help older people which our own services do not cover. Please use the live links on each logo to view the specific websites.

SSAFA Forces Help has been serving the Armed Forces and their families for well over a 100 years and our work is as vital today as it has ever been.
Their continually evolving support services are driven by the current needs of the Service community - particularly relevant in today's high pressure military environment, where our contemporary veterans and serving personnel alike often experience different problems from the soldiers, sailors and airmen of earlier conflicts. Reservists too, have equal call on our services.
From the provision of Health and Social services, to supporting the ex-Service community; from running a confidential support line, to delivering holidays for children with additional needs. They cover a very broad spectrum of issues as you will see on their website. They try to bring their solutions to the widest audience possible - anybody whose life has been touched by time in the Armed Forces.

Who they help
If you have a Service connection, SSAFA can offer support. It is a matter of pride that they spread their net as widely as possible and will always try to respond to cases of genuine need, whether they are financial, practical or emotional.

Increasingly, evidence shows that loneliness and the associated social isolation of older people plays a pivotal role, affecting both their physical and mental health.

Contact the Elderly is a national charity that organises monthly Sunday afternoon tea parties for people over 75 who live alone with little or no support from family and friends.
One Sunday afternoon a month volunteers use their cars to take older members to and from a volunteer host's home for tea, cake and companionship. Their hosts take it in turn to welcome the small group of older people and volunteer drivers into their home for a few hours.

These Sunday afternoon tea parties are a lifeline of friendship bringing older people and volunteers together for an afternoon of stories, laughter and conversation. Find out more at their website.


Wavelength is the main UK charity for those needing assistance with a TV or Radio. They aim to prevent feelings of isolation and loneliness by ensuring that those with issues associated with age, illness or disability who find it difficult to leave their homes, can benefit from the comfort and entertainment that a radio or TV can bring.
They provide a range of TVs and Radios at no cost to the recipient. All sets are covered by an extended warranty or maintenance agreement and in some cases, assistance with a first TV licence or aerial.

You will find lots of information on their website.


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AFTAID welcome all contributions toward helping relieve the distress to older people caused by being poor. If you can organise a fundraising event, no matter the size, we will be happy to offer support where we can.

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