We keep our mailings to the minimum...

AFTAID are not a charity that will constantly ask for money, it's not a very nice part of our job. But following previous letters which gave you all our updates we are compelled this time to send a direct request because of the overwhelming need that UK spending cuts and inflation (particularly rises in energy costs and VAT) are causing.

So as it is necessary this time for us to ask, we hope you can find a donation to help us help those older folk who find themselves in urgent need.

Thank you.


AFTAID welcome all contributions to The Bright Side and this website.
So if you can send a story that our supporters will like to read (that's just about any story relating to help for older citizens) please send it to us.

Just email your story by clicking here.

Also, if you can organise a fundraising event, no matter the size, we will be happy to offer support where we can.

Just email your plans for the event by clicking here.

We would also like to thank some of the publications who have carried our PR and news releases over the past months, including:

The Birmingham Telelgraph
RAISE Magazine

We are also included in the following directories:

Charity Choice
Will to Charity
The Solicitors Journal


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