Messages of thanks sent to us are your thanks too

The people AFTAID help are always exremely grateful. Many write, or ask a carer to write on their behalf, expressing their gratitude.

The letters are heartwarming to us and they are also expressions of thanks to our supporters who have donated the funds we use to make the grants... they are your messages too. So here are a few of the thank you messages we receive on your behalf.

Mr & Mrs Brown from Poole have thanked us for the grant towards the cost of repairs to their leaking roof.

Mrs P Brown in Bucks, who received help towards the cost of a smooth slope pathway for access with an electric powered scooter.

Mr Cox of Lincoln, was unable to use his bath so we helped with a bathlift. He writes: "This really makes my life easier".

Mrs M Hawkins, who also wanted to say "a big thank you" received a grant toward thermal curtains.

Mr R Johnson, sent a letter on behalf of his mother to thank us for the grant towards a central heating system. "It makes a huge difference".

Ms S Canacott, wrote on behalf of her father who had received a grant towards the cost of a stair lift.

Ms A Platt, sent a letter on behalf of her mother to thank us for the grant towards a riser recliner chair.

Mr G Young, of Lancashire, says of his grant towards an electric scooter: "since I got the scooter my life is much easier and getting round shopping and getting about seems like a Godsend".

Other expressions of gratitude include:

...very kind of you... thrilled to be able to eat proper meals again.
Mr R. (68) - Edinburgh really has made a difference... thank you for your prompt response
Mrs T. (76) - Birmingham (from her support worker)

It was so kind of you to do this, and it was greatly appreciated.
Mrs G. (76) - Lebrook

...overwhelming and I just cannot thank you enough for your kindness and generosity.
Miss P. (82) - West Wittering

...the cost was quite beyond me. Thank you once again for your generous gift.
Mrs A. (75) - Wimbourne

I would like to thank you for your help and the donation.
Mrs W. (74) - Chorley

Thank you very much for your help... I'm very grateful. God Bless you and your Charity.
Mrs C. (84) - Northampton

...a new cooker, which after 28 years was a real treat. Words cannot express my gratitude... please accept my deepest thanks
Mrs T. (85) - Bromley

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the grant... It was so generous of you
Mrs L. (74) - Leeds

We really appreciate all the time and help you gave to my family. Mum is absolutely delighted... It has made a tremendous difference to the quality of her life.
Mrs P.K. (105) Huddersfield (This was received from her daughter)

I would like to thank AFTAID... made a great difference,... it was so good for my husband as he has not been out since his last stroke... many thanks for making our lives mobile again.
Mr A.J.W. (72) Northampton
(This letter was received from the wife of the beneficiary)

I would like to express my thanks... It has been way beyond expectations and is greatly appreciated.
Mr H. (86) Braunton

Many thanks for your contribution towards the cost of Electric Scooter... am now able to visit local shops which I have been unable to do for many years.
Mrs M.H. (82) Paignton

'Thank you' is a very small word but it is very heartfelt. Looking at your logo of Forget-me-not flowers makes me feel remembered indeed
Miss T - Teddington

Thank you for your thoughtfulness, you do such lovely things
Mrs M - Liverpool

Mrs P. cannot believe your support and kindness and has asked me to thank you very much
A Caseworker – Shropshire

...thank you for your kindness, ...Without this help I would not have been able to afford...
Mrs R - Cleveland

It has given me such a boost…It’s nice to know those out there care
Mrs E - Welshpool

There are many more but time and space demands mean we will refresh these as regularly as we can - come back in the future to read some more - they are well worth it.

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