What fundraising events?

Here we list some suggestions, these cover individual and group activities that can attract sponsorship, sales, entry fees or donations of some sort or another.
So if you think you can do something on our behalf please let us know. If we can help with any aspect we would be delighted. We can also put the story on this website and perhaps in The Bright Side too.
Contact us by email, or telephone 0870 803 1950 or fax us on 0870 803 2128 and of course by post to: Fundraiser Support, AFTAID - Aid for the Aged in Distress, 9 Bonhill Street, London EC2A 4PE. Thank you.

Possible fundraisers for individuals

These are suggestions that can be done on your own or as a collective of friends, family or colleagues:

Sponsored events: Abstinence (ie: Biscuits, Cakes, Chocolate, Computer Games etc) - Aerobics/Pilates - Archery - Climbing - Cycle Ride - Dance Marathon - Darts or Games Marathon - Head/Beard/Moustache Shave - Knitting - Public Speaking - Sewing - Silence - Singing (or not singing!) - Skating - Slimming - Spell - Swim - Walk.
Please remember you will need to verify the extent of your achievements for a sponsored event and strenuous activity should not be excessive.

Participation in an existing organised event: The growth of 'open entry' events that stipulate a charitable aspect to participation have grown over recent years. Here are a few you might consider entering and being sponsored to raise funds for AFTAID:
The London Marathon, The Great Scottish Walk, The Great North Run, The Dublin Marathon, The Reading Half Marathon, Royal Parks Half Marathon and the Liverpool to Chester Cycle. Some of these events also organise an associated Junior event. Other events like these take place around the country so a bit of research may offer a more suitable venue for you.
Please remember you will need to be fit and healthy, plus be able to undertake training for some of these events.

Small scale sales: Selling collected bric-a-brac on a solo basis (we look at organising larger scale events later) might not come to mind as a lot of people are a bit reserved about 'selling'. However, there are a lot of opportunities to offer items for sale and not do a lot more than get the items being sold together, display them and then look after them while buyers browse and buy. Books and Videos are popular resale items.
Garage Sale - A pitch at a Boot Sale or Craft Fair - Car Washing - Table-top sale (if you don't have a garage) - Plant Sale.
Please remember there are some things that are NOT a good idea for selling, such as anything that plugs in to electrical supplies and home prepared food items are legally regulated in many respects. Also do not set up a sales pitch on a public right of way as you may be commiting an offence.

Possible fundraisers for groups

Private larger scale events: Some of these suggestions apply to events organised for general public attendance as well, but as they are private, invitation only, for friends and family - your requirements for venue and your liabilities are very different. These could be held in a house or maybe a local hall, even pubs or hotels might offer a room free of charge based on some drink or snack sales to your group.
Auction of items or pledges, Barbeque, Car Wash Day, Coffee Morning or Afternoon Tea Party, Easter Egg Hunt, Egg Rolling/Decorating Competition, Quizzes, Tournaments with entry fee and a winners prize or trophy (ie Darts or other individual sport), Chess, Games (board or card games for instance), Spelling tests.
Please make sure you take sensible safety precautions at events with risks Ie: Barbeques or Car Washing.

Events open to the public

Here you enter a quite different 'league'. Don't be put off by possible red-tape but be prepared for a lot more organising. The upside is that more funds are likely to be raised and more people become aware of AFTAID and its work.
Public events offer more possibilities for fundraising, like Guess the weight of the cake or name of the teddy competitions or Tombola in addition to many of the other ideas mentioned above but on a larger scale.
Public events depend so much on having a suitable venue available, if you, or your group, are up to the challenge of a large event make sure you also get as much publicity as possible. Local Papers and shop windows are often able to offer free mention - get in early, don't leave any opportunity unused.
In addition to some of those above, ideas that are particularly suited to public events include:
Craft Fair (offer tables for a fee in advance), Dinner-Dance (could be fancy dress for Halloween), Disco, Talent Shows, Jumble Sale, Penalty shoot challenge, Quizzes in Pubs and Clubs,
Please make sure you take sensible safety precautions at events with risks Ie: Barbeques or Car Washing.



to make sure your event
is safe and legal.

Any activity that might include the possibility of injury to participants should be thoroughly researched to ensure the organiser of such an event either avoids, or is prepared for, any liabilities resulting from participation in the activity undertaken, or third party exposure to an event.

Event organsers should be aware that AFTAID cannot accept any liabilities for loss or personal injury connected with any event held to raise funds for the charity.
This is why we strongly advise any event is notified to us in advance so that we may give what support we can and to bring any legal or safety issues to the attention of the organiser(s).

Just email your plans for an event by clicking here.


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