Your legacy is important to you and AFTAID

It is always 'too soon' to think about leaving friends and family for the last time but it is so important to prepare for it. The only assurance you can have for what happens to your possessions is to make a Will, a legal document that goes as far as it is possible to avoid any doubt or distress to those you leave behind.

It is natural for family and friends to come first in your thoughts, but you can also leave a gift to a cause you believe in and will add a lasting legacy for good work to your lifetime. AFTAID relies on gifts from Wills as they make up the largest proportion of our income - we simply couldn't do what we do without them.

Leaving such a gift in your Will, however large or small, will help us to provide the vital difference to someone in their time of need. So once you have remembered the people you care about please don't forget the cause you believe in.

Writing a Will

The best advice, in our opinion, is to seek professional help from a qualified solicitor. This is because a Will is a legal document which covers a multitude of issues, so it needs clarity and authority - you will not want to think that any aspect can be contentious or at worst, challenged. If you have complex financial assets you are advised to appoint a solicitor with specialist accountancy skills - but then you would probably know that if you are in such a position!

A Will is not simply the way people leave gifts for those left behind, it can also be used to provide support and appoint guardians for dependents such as children under the age of 18, otherwise the courts may have to decide their future, and early, authoritative advice can help reduce or prevent inheritance tax payments. For these reasons all Wills need to be kept up to date.

There are lots of websites that offer a view on the options available for writing a Will and the more research you can do, the better. Beware of advice that is given by people that have an interest in offering a particular service.

Laws vary in different parts of the UK so make sure that any advice you seek is relevant to where you reside, England, Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland. As always the best advice is to consult a legal professional who is well versed in the appropriate laws governing your region.

In its simplest form, to provide a legacy in your will, state what your gift should be from your estate and specify it to benefit the work of AFTAID - Aid for the Aged in Distress, 9 Bonhill Street, London EC2A 4PE, a UK charity registered number 299276. Thank you.


AFTAID has provided grant aid for many and varied items

Nearly anything which is required to take away hardship from the day to day life of an older person. In recent years grants have been made to provide, or help in the purchase of:

Mobility scooters
Walk-in showers
Washing machines
Rise/recliner chair
Tumble drier
Small Emergency House Repairs
Essential or Emergency House Cleaning
Central Heating Boiler
Video Intercom
Installation of phone line
TFT Magnifier
'Blind' software for PC
Wheelchair powerpack
Wheelchair access Ramp
Bath Lift


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